Holiday Orders, Changes to our Complete Skateboards and Fins for Surfboards

The holidays are almost here so if you want to get a new board or give one as a gift, do this before December 7th. Due to shipping and customization, that is the last day we can take an order to ship out. If your local in Fl, then you may get a little bit of a break on this.

With all the crazy trade wars and economy it affects, we are looking at reducing our number of skateboard models we make as well as just offering the boards themselves and no longer as a complete package with wheels and trucks. We are doing the same with our Custom Surfboards and they will no longer come with fins so you can choose your fin based upon your riding style and waves you surf. These changes allow our customers to choose their own wheels, trucks, bearings for skateboards and fins for surfboards from whichever manufacturer they like. We feel most boarders will actually like this ability and not be forced to choose our limited hardware and fins we carry. This change will allow us to better focus on our boards and make them more universal to the numerous choices in hardware and fins available in the Skateboard and Surf industry. We will still offer help to those that are new to the sports or if your are unsure of a choice and steer you to some of the top brands that will fit your riding needs. As always, please contact us with any questions you may have and we will use our years of experience in boarding to assist you with the best possible choice.


The FishPlanx Crew!

Summer is coming so are you board ready?

Summer is almost here and the longer days and fun are just around the corner! I know Ollie and I love to just sunbathe and soak up some warm sun for sure!

Get your order in for a Custom Surfboard, Skateboard, Hand-Plane or SUP so you can show your skills both on land and water! Our buddy Mike Estrada, will shape you up something awesome for the water/waves with a custom surfboard or paddle board.  Into some body surfing, then we will shape you a custom hand-plane to ride too! And if it is land fun, then hit us up and we will get that custom skateboard built for you as well! Free T-shirt too with every order! 

Now Get on the Stick and order up!

The FishPlanx Crew!

Winter is hitting hard but this should not stop your boarding!

Hi all, and hopefully your keeping warm in light of some recent cold spells! Lots to gear up for as the snow covers the mountains for some epic snowboarding and of course the winter swells come in as well.

I know some of our local boarders in CA, CO and WA are booking some major time in some fresh powder and parks and the Mountain Goat is tackling all their snowboard needs. If you want to have some fun up in the mountains, have the skills needed to shred, then check out our Mountain Goat Snowboard!

If you end up in southern Costa Rica to warm up and surf some great waves, visit our friends at Costa Verde Surf Shop in Uvita!  These guys carry all your boarding needs, threads and rentals. They are now carrying our custom hand planes too!  Peter and Dave will be sure to take care of you!

Until next time, keep boarding and follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Some new pics will be posted up soon. 

The FishPlanx Crew!


Now we have two hurricane disasters that need your support

All boarders, it is time to show your brother and sister hood to those who have lost so much during these latest Hurricanes (Harvey and Irma). Both humans and animals need our help. We (Ollie, the FishPlanx Crew based in FL and I) were lucky as the hurricane mainly knocked out our power and we lost some vegetation but there are others who were not so fortunate. Please donate to your local food-bank, Google, animal shelters, Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supermarket who are pitching in all over the country to assist with food and shelter. You can even give blood as Florida is in short supply! Your welcomed support goes along way. The FishPlanx Crew has donated cash for both human and animals to assist those in the affected areas and now is prepping to donate some much needed T-shirts and Hoodies to those who have lost pretty much everything!  Thanks in advance for your help!

Petunia and the FishPlanx Crew!

Please help out our friends in Texas and Louisiana!

To all of you boarders out there! Please share whatever you can afford and donate to the American Red Cross, United Way, Petco or directly to some links we have provided below to assist those people and animals in need from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey!  

Here are some helpful links to help out: