SUP (Stand Up Paddle-Boards)


Our custom high performance paddle boards are hand shaped by Mike Estrada in Newport Beach, CA and will be ordered to your ability, rider height and weight from EPS Foam and Epoxy material. The ones shown were custom made for different rider types in our fish color "air brush" painted colors. They are awesome for flat water paddling and if you want to surf paddle one, they will give you an awesome ride. We have even raced them in both lakes and ocean SUP events so they are very versatile. We will customize this board to your weight and ability. Width and thickness will vary based upon the above specs and our boards can come in custom colors as well. We like fish colors so that is what a lot of our boards mimic. Please contact us before ordering so we can go over your specifications and assist you with your custom model. You will be glad you made this decision to move to custom. You can always email us with your questions too! Thanks The FishPlanx Crew!