38" long x 9.50" Round nose Pintail. Another classic pintail but smaller in size to our larger Barracuda Pintail. Fast and fun is how our customers describe this board. We have to agree!


The Mako

The Mako Fishtail re-designed to 35" long x 10.5". This board is meant to ride fast and carve. It is the larger version of the Mahi. Our founder designed this one and the Mahi to create that surfy carve feel when riding.

Bullshark-top side view.jpg


Stable and wide the board is 11 inches wide and 39 inches long. Makes a great board for land-paddling too for larger riders.

Krackin-Top .jpg

The Kraken

.32.75 long x 8.75" wide and a 15" wheelbase. New wider and faster shape that rides clean, smooth and is great for Parks, Ramps, Bowls and Street.

Goliath Grouper .jpg

The Goliath Grouper

36" x 11" wide, Egg Shape.  This is the big brother to the Ahi. Great all around board and very stable.

Dunker-Top Side View .jpeg

The Dunker

The Dunker Drop Thru is one of our newest addition boards and comes in two models: The Mini Dunker 35"x9.5" wide, 26.5" wheel base or the Dunker 37.5"x 10.5" wide with 27 3/8" wheel base. Both offer a stable and fun cruising/carving downhill sliding board.

Mahi- Front-Vertical .jpg

The Mahi

Our latest little carver, the Mahi FishTail 32" board is perfect for zipping around crowds at the beach and also to and from class. A blast to ride and is stable at 10.5 inches wide. Shown in a classic Mahi-Mahi fish color and light bamboo. It gives you a super surfy ride and can even be used as a commuter board.

Tortuga (update needed).png


The Tortuga round nose wing pin is 38.5" long x 11.25 wide. Modeled after our Surf Paddle Board, it is a great board for Land Paddling for larger riders. It also is one of our most requested boards and is super stable. .

Hammerhead (update needed).png

Mini Hammerhead

The Mini Hammerhead Swallow tail (Mike Estrada Model) is 35" long by 10" wide. The Mini Hammerhead Pintail (Mike Estrada Model) is 38" long x 10" wide.  These boards were created based on one of Mike's surfboards he called the Hammerhead.

Wolf EEL-Top Vertical .jpg

Wolf Eel

Street Park/Skate-Comes in 8.25 width x 31.375and 8.50 width x 32.  14.25" wheelbase on both. 7 Ply 100% Canadian Maple, Cold Press Lamination Tech

Ahi-Front Vertical .jpg

The Ahi

30"x10" Mini Egg shape. Fun board that makes a great commuter or school board.

Tiger Shark -bottom 1.jpg


36.25x11.125 Squaretail board which is fast and turns sharp but remains wide for stability. Great for riders looking to ride a smaller board that is stable but turns like a much smaller short board.