Custom High Performance Surfboards shaped by Mike Estrada (Estrats) in Newport Beach, CA.


Tortuga Round Tail Mini Log

The Turtle is anything but slow and this board was made for fun and catching waves! From 7’0” to 7’8” in size. Color can be custom as well.


Cocodrilo bottom


Tortuga Top


CocoDrilo Squash Tail Mini Log

Our squash tail salt water ripper is sleek, fast and manuravable just like the Salt Water Crocodiles it was named after! If your looking to increase your wave count and rip, this is the board for you! Custom from 6’8” to 7’2” in size. Shown in a custom painted Croc print but can come in other colors.


El Pescado Loco (Crazy Fish)

Retro-Fish Shaped Quad is highly maneuverable! It catches waves easily so you’’ll be having so much fun riding it, you may go crazy.